I was 15 years old when I read the maxim of “dark” Heraclitus. Charmed, impressed and identified with his contradictory thoughts. Within this thought I felt balanced. Within the change and contrast i found the strength to move forward by opening my own paths. To move fearlessly into the unknown and the different. To try and to be tested. To live by marching consciously and with endurance to death.
I am 51 years old. I have lived in Greece, in Italy, in America, in Australia, in China and I have traveled to many other countries. I’ve done three weddings and I have six children. I’ve done ten own business and I’ve worked for other business leaders too. I lived strongly middle of the night and into the day. Many experiences, many changes, many moves into the unknown, many trials. I feel like acrobats trying to balance in many cords simultaneously. I am glad to be hurt. I lose to find. I am getting old to be a child. I live to die !!
My God thank you !!

pavlos katsivardas

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